Some thoughts on operating a business in a pandemic:

HDEP International The first lesson we learned when Covid 19 hit was the limitation of disaster recovery plans.  Disaster recovery plans are based on limitation of the disaster to a specific geography, and a time frame for recovery from the disaster.  Disaster recovery plans for most businesses do not anticipate a worldwide lockdown without end.  […]

Tarred with the Same Brush: Video

It’s an old story, common to smaller industries – low cost products with poor quality sully the reputation of every company in the industry. The title industry depends on high quality work to limit its liabilities. But just like every other industry, buyers want the lowest prices and sellers want more buyers. Offshore outsourcing was […]

Final Policies: Video The process is simple and easy to implement. Never worry about a mountain of policies piling up ever again.

A Letter From Maui

The beaches are empty. The shops shuttered. There is no rush hour. The golf courses are closed, and the few people here have turned the golf courses into public parks – bikers, joggers, fathers throwing footballs to their young sons, dogs running free. The only people working are security guards, landscapers and tree trimmers. A […]

2 Reasons Outsourcing Projects Fail

During our 30 years of experience in the industry, we have seen many ways for outsourcing projects to fail. While the reasons for failure vary from case to case, here are two important reasons for failure: Not enough time to set up the projects Lack of support from operational staff Not enough time to set […]

Expanded ISO Certification Requirement Met 2017

HDEP International’s outsourcing facilities in Manila, Philippines were up for the challenge with the expanded ISO requirements this year.  After the full review, we were once again awarded the latest ISO certification for information security and business continuity – ISO 27001:2013. With this certification, our customers can be confident that HDEP has the policies, procedures, […]

Outsourcing Title Production Requires Close Coordination Between Customer And Service Company

Outsourcing title insurance production services (commitments, locates, title plant posting, etc.) is complicated. Each state has different regulations, underwriter requirements vary, the source documents are not standardized, and a close reading is required to fully understand their meaning. Knowledge of local and in-house rules, underwriter requirements and attorney quirks is frequently undocumented. Successful companies, the […]

Outsourcing Search Packages – Make Examiners More Productive

The title examination process is detailed, often tedious and always exacting.  A mistake can lead to a claim.  Finding examiners with the outlook and detail focus for the job is difficult; once trained, the experienced examiners become a backbone of the best title insurance companies.  As business increases and examiners retire, using experienced examiners efficiently […]

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