Final Policy Production

You have seen it time and time again – you close the deal, file your documents and transfer the deeds.  Now onto new business, though there is the nagging tone of unfinished business.

Preparing the final policy and transferring the underwriter fee – it’s no more than an hour of your time . . .  but the last transaction just closed and there are others waiting for your attention.  A week goes by. . .  you’re on to the next closing.

By the end of a productive week, that housekeeping hour has turned into a full day’s work.

And – as an ALTA Best Practices company, you know all about Pillar #5 and the need to get the final policies filed within 45 days of closing.

Save 50% and relieve high value staff from this routine task.

Typing only

Prepare policies from customer-compiled documents and notes.


Using an updated plant certification date, conduct date down for new filings and taxes.  Prepare policies.

Outsourcing title production is complicated and worrying; the cost of a failed vendor selection shakes the confidence of internal staff. Many of HDEP’s customers used final policy production as a way to evaluate HDEP International’s quality, staff knowledge and ability to work with client internal staff. Outsourcing final policy production has been an effective on-ramp to a more complete outsourcing initiative.

There is an easy path to outsource final policy preparation with HDEP:

  • A mutual non-disclosure agreement is signed.
  • Current procedures for final policy preparation are demonstrated by web conference.
  • System access is set up for HDEP to run test orders; review and refine.
  • Test orders are done; when confirmed to be correct, daily production begins.

The process is simple and easy to implement. Never worry about a mountain of policies piling up again.

Easy start

Setup, testing, and tweaking takes 2-3 weeks. Customers are assigned an HDEP manager and backup, for a single point of contact with customer staff.

Prompt deliveries

Orders submitted by 5 p.m. are completed before 8 a.m., ready for your staff to review when they get to work in the morning.

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