Your Business is Our Business

We understand the complex and unique requirements of the title examination process. Accuracy and judgment are crucial. Our staff has the training and depth of experience to evaluate complex and nonstandard source documents and prepare accurate and complete examined title products.

We Reduce The Hidden Costs of Outsourcing

Choosing an outsourcing vendor on price alone is not without risk – higher claims and tedious rework may eliminate the value of outsourcing over time. With HDEP, your orders are handled by experienced staff well versed in the intricacies of land records. We work with our clients to identify and correct anomalies that affect the quality of the land title search.

Our Customer and Project Setup Process

There are few common standards to what is captured, what is reported, and what is required by different customers in the title insurance industry. Every state, every title company, every underwriter has their own rules, software customization, liability protections, and markets, leading to a broad variety of practices. HDEP brings a breadth of experience to each customer and task. Once we understand the details and subtleties of the required work, we have the knowledge and effective project leaders to produce a complete, correct product on a reliable schedule. Project setup can take time to pull together, depending upon available materials and the customer liaison’s schedule. Our customers have consistently expressed appreciation with the products we produce and with the tight working relationships developed during the project setup period. That trust lasts for years, with customer staff often being the catalysts for additional outsourcing tasks. Our median customer has been with us almost 10 years – a testament to the value of the project setup process and the trust relationships that developed from the first days of working together.

What We Believe In, What We’ve Worked To Build

Long lasting companies understand that a mission to guide their daily decisions is essential to sustainable success. HDEP International’s mission is to do good work and treat both customers and employees fairly and with integrity. Customers and employees understand that when working with HDEP International, the work will be done correctly by people who have a genuine interest in quality. Customers and employees know that long term satisfaction and growth are the goals each subscribes to. Our customers work with us because they know that they will get an outstanding product, completed promptly at a fair price. Our employees come to work knowing that they are expected to put in a good day’s work, in a supportive and friendly environment, and that pathways to personal and professional growth are available to all. This structure has resulted in long term customers and long term employees. Our median customer has worked with us for almost ten years; and our median employee has been with us over five years. We promote from within the company training employees in needed skills, and bringing in specialized skills when required. We work with our customers to grow the business together, organically and with sustained efforts to improve what is already being done and to evaluate what more can be done efficiently for both companies. That is the HDEP difference. We are proud of our long term relationships built on a platform of integrity and good work.

You run a great group and a wonderful business I don’t think anyone can ask for a better partner. I greatly appreciate how you and your crew not only provide a high quality output but you also notify when something is wrong. There are so many people in the world today that know some thing is wrong but push it through to the next step regardless. You and your people are rare!

I have used the services of HDEP on a number of occasions over the course of many years. On each occasion I have been extremely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend that anyone considering indexing or other services provided by HDEP select them for the project. The service, knowledgeable staff, turn time, quality of product, and pricing cannot be beat. I have compared HDEP to a number of other providers and HDEP wins hands down.

I just wanted to say it has been a pleasure to work with all of you at HDEP. I am so thankful for the support and have gained so much knowledge from each of you. Together we accomplished so much! From learning how to post orders to job control, taking on the newly improved exception report, red flags, commenting PI, properly commenting those prebills, and most importantly who can forget managing all those client delivery preferences! You all have been amazing and such a joy to work with!

HDEP is truly a vendor PARTNER. Since they understand the title business, we can have meaningful conversations regarding my business and its future. They are quick to respond with solutions and suggestions as information sources change and to make proposals that will help to keep us efficient. Over the years, HDEP has become a trusted and indispensable part of my operations.

We benefit monthly from the value HDEP brings to us. We look for processes we can shift to HDEP. We know they will focus on delivering us a quality and timely end product. Using HDEP allows us to focus our staff on new projects, not repetitive tasks.

Thank you so much. It has been such a pleasure to work with you. I have been in this industry for a while now and you have been one of the most organized, detailed and prompt organizations I have worked with. The quality has been excellent as well. I do hope we have the opportunity to work with you all again.

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