Title Production Services


    • Preliminary Commitments/Commitments – refinance or sales orders
    • Owner and encumbrance reports
    • Abstract preparation and typing
    • Foreclosure reports
    • Date downs
    • Final policies


    • Work done in the customer’s system, replicating existing work flow
    • Accuracy and design matches customer’s existing reports
    • Dedicated project management
    • Overnight completion (2-hour completion offered)
    • Save approximately 50% compared to internal cost
    • ISO 27001 security certified

HDEP facilities are certified to the highest security level – ISO 27001. HDEP International is an ALTA Elite Provider.

Increase The Efficiency Of Senior Examiners

Title production is detailed, often tedious and always exacting. A mistake can lead to a claim. As business increases and examiners retire, using experienced examiners’ time most efficiently becomes a critical management task. By collecting and organizing title evidence from electronic sources, HDEP International’s search package preparation can release the customer’s experienced title examiners to do work which matches their skill and experience.

Simple search package:

    • Run property chains and name searches,collect tax assessor information, maps,and Pacer/Patriot Act information.
    • Collect the documents from title plants, recorder’s sites and court filings, and package for the customer staff to examine and prepare the report.

Enhanced search package:

    • Run property chains and name searches, collect tax assessor information, maps, and Pacer/Patriot Act information.
    • Examine the documents for relevance to the order, mark up the chains/runs to note docs eliminated, run additional names, and package the documents for examination. Deliver a file with all the results to the examiners.

Preparing Title Reports: Overnight, In Your System, As You Would Do Them Yourself

The work is done in the customer’s system. Orders can either be loaded to a specified directory or sent to us by email. The reports are completed overnight. When customer staff arrive in the morning, the reports are ready, together with an “exception report” noting any unusual items. Accuracy and judgment are essential. Our staff has the training and depth of experience to evaluate complex and nonstandard source documents and prepare accurate, complete examined title products. The reports match the form and format of internally produced reports and accuracy should equal the work done by internal staff.

Dedicated Project Managers For Your Projects

Every customer is assigned an HDEP manager – a single point of contact with your staff. Project managers are based in the United States.

Customers save 50% of in-house costs, while relieving their highest value staff from routine tasks.

Project Set Up

HDEP’s project set up process replicates the customer’s internal systems, forms and formats. Once we understand the details and subtleties of the work, we have the knowledge and effective project leaders to produce complete, correct reports on a reliable schedule. Project setup takes time to organize as knowledge is transferred from customer staff to HDEP International staff. The payoff to the set-up effort is that, once in production, the daily work goes smoothly.

You run a great group and a wonderful business I don’t think anyone can ask for a better partner. I greatly appreciate how you and your crew not only provide a high quality output but you also notify when something is wrong. There are so many people in the world today that know some thing is wrong but push it through to the next step regardless. You and your people are rare!

I have used the services of HDEP on a number of occasions over the course of many years. On each occasion I have been extremely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend that anyone considering indexing or other services provided by HDEP select them for the project. The service, knowledgeable staff, turn time, quality of product, and pricing cannot be beat. I have compared HDEP to a number of other providers and HDEP wins hands down.

I just wanted to say it has been a pleasure to work with all of you at HDEP. I am so thankful for the support and have gained so much knowledge from each of you. Together we accomplished so much! From learning how to post orders to job control, taking on the newly improved exception report, red flags, commenting PI, properly commenting those prebills, and most importantly who can forget managing all those client delivery preferences! You all have been amazing and such a joy to work with!

HDEP is truly a vendor PARTNER. Since they understand the title business, we can have meaningful conversations regarding my business and its future. They are quick to respond with solutions and suggestions as information sources change and to make proposals that will help to keep us efficient. Over the years, HDEP has become a trusted and indispensable part of my operations.

We benefit monthly from the value HDEP brings to us. We look for processes we can shift to HDEP. We know they will focus on delivering us a quality and timely end product. Using HDEP allows us to focus our staff on new projects, not repetitive tasks.

Thank you so much. It has been such a pleasure to work with you. I have been in this industry for a while now and you have been one of the most organized, detailed and prompt organizations I have worked with. The quality has been excellent as well. I do hope we have the opportunity to work with you all again.

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