What Makes Us Different

Every successful company builds upon a competitive advantage to gain and keep customers.  Some companies compete on price, others on completion schedules, and still others compete on relationships.  At HDEP International, we have planted our competitive flag on the mountain of a well-selected and trained work force.  We believe that a deep understanding of a complex industry and a highly trained work force translates into a long-term sustainable competitive advantage – we believe that our work product will be more accurate, our responses to our customers will be more intelligent and eventually, we will be asked to do more complex and difficult tasks.

How do we make ourselves different?  There are two parts – selection and training.

We have stringent requirements to be considered for employment, from college education to language fluency.  The workforce is sophisticated and cosmopolitan, with progressive, open-minded people attuned to American culture.

Our training is structured and encompasses multi-system, multi-geographic areas.  This broad exposure enhances understanding.

Our pathway to a search/examiner position is via extensive work indexing title plant documents and the exposure to all manner of recorded and court documents from different areas of the country.   This brings an understanding of the nature and intent of various types of documents.  It is quite different than hiring and training searchers off the street.

The staff’s high level of computer literacy and extensive experience with various title and production software allows for flexibility of project assignments and minimizes training time when adopting a new project.

The supervisory and management personnel have long terms of service at the company, being promoted from within as they gain experience and competence.

Customer feedback is highly valued, deepening our knowledge as well as ensuring quality.

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