Better Training Results in Increased Accuracy

This is part two of a blog series on what makes us different. Click here for part one.

We attribute much of our success to our highly structured and rigorous employee training program.

We start our hiring process with IQ and personality tests.   Over our 36 years in the business, we have tracked the results of these tests from our most successful employees and look for similar results when seeking new employees.  We try to match the outlook and the skills of new hires to existing employees who are currently successful within our company.

The small percentage of applicants selected then undergoes a methodical and detailed training process of three to five months. During this time, the new hires are exposed to the variety, meaning and purpose of recorded documents, and the elements required to create indices to them.  Production work begins with posting title plants, where employees need to prove they are not only accurate and reliable but also that they are curious enough to bring anomalies in the documents to the attention of their supervisors.

Once a person exhibits a high level of reliability, accuracy and analytical ability in title plant posting across various counties, systems and rules – a process generally taking 12-18 months or more — they are considered as possible candidates for search and exam training.  If selected, they undertake the next level of training, which may last anywhere from six weeks to three months.

Because our approach is performance-driven and our employees must show aptitude for advancement, everyone on our staff is motivated to do their best work at all times.

If you would like to know more about HDEP’s process or have any questions, learn how we can help or feel free to contact us.

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