Title Insurance Outsourcing – Make It Easy For Your Underwriter (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of a two-part blog series about how title insurance outsourcing affects the relationship between title agents and their underwriters. For Part 1, click here.

In our experience, a quality and accuracy driven approach and methodical set up process reduces the possibility of issues between title agents and their underwriters.  The standards and requirements that were established prior to outsourcing are all still in place. We encourage our clients to do the final QC on all orders so that,  from the underwriter’s perspective, not much has changed. The product looks the same, is of the same quality and is delivered in the same way—only the people doing the work are different.

During our 30 years of experience in the title industry, we have worked with all four of the major underwriters (Fidelity, First American, Old Republic and Stewart Title).  We understand that an underwriter’s main concern is to ensure that claims are kept to a minimum and the work quality remains high. We work with each party every step of the way to ensure no detail is missed and accuracy is never sacrificed.

HDEP’s approach to title insurance outsourcing services does not produce poor quality, ‘cookie cutter’ products.  We integrate with your system and replicate the way you do things.  We leave the final QC to you, so both the agent and its underwriter are confident that quality and accuracy are not sacrificed. If you have any further questions or would like to speak to a representative about our title insurance outsourcing solutions, please contact us.

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