Title Insurance Outsourcing – Part 1 Make It Easy For Your Underwriter

Many title agents still remain skeptical about title insurance outsourcing solutions.   Part of the skepticism comes from uncertainty about how an outsourcing solution may affect a title agent’s relationship with its underwriter.  This blog explains how HDEP makes title insurance outsourcing easy for both the title agent and its underwriter.

We have heard complaints about ‘cookie cutter’ title outsourcing companies.  These companies offer price sheets for their products/services and declare they are ready to start work almost immediately after a contract is signed.  The problem with this strategy is that the outsourcing company does not take the time to understand how the client does things, what format the products need to take or what the local and state requirements are.  The result is often a poor quality, cookie cutter product, which ends up being more of a headache than doing the work locally with the agent’s internal staff.

Our approach is a 180-degree reversal from the cookie cutter strategy. We have been serving the title industry for 30 years, and our experience has shown that taking a slower and more integrated approach results in a more satisfactory product, better service, and a successful and long-lasting business relationship.

When you choose to work with HDEP, we take the time to understand all aspects of your systems and protocols so we can mirror the way you do things. We can work directly in your system, or with your system, depending on your needs. This initial set up process may take weeks, but at the end of it, you can be assured that our  product is essentially identical to what you would produce in terms of format and quality.

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