Complexity of Work in the Title Insurance Industry

HDEP International has worked as a trusted outsourcing associate with the land title industry for over 25 years.  We have become intimately familiar with the complexity of the tasks and the liability that accompanies failure.

All industries have complex tasks that need to be accomplished by entry level staff.  Most industries are able to systematize those tasks by creating rules and segmenting tasks into defined and specialized parts.  The segmented tasks can be handled by specific teams who apply the rigorous rules – leading to uniform products that are produced with enormous efficiency.

The title industry has been unable to systematize or segment its fundamental tasks as other industries have. There are reasons for this that involve both the mission of the industry and what subsequently developed to address that mission.

The mission of the industry is to identify possible shadows on the ownership rights of real estate.  The United States evolved a system of public notification for all actions related to land parcels.  Any document that relates to real estate parcels is required to be publicly recorded at the offices of the county recorders. Other documents affecting property are found in court houses. Information on taxes related to the property is found at the tax assessor’s offices.

There are hundreds if not thousands of document types; the documents are drawn up by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of different people, each with their own idea of how the document should be drawn up.  There are errors in the documents themselves – typos in names, incorrect parcel information, etc.  While attempts at standardizing some of the document types have been made, those efforts have been scattered and incomplete.

The result: the underlying document archive that makes up the raw material of the title insurance industry is characterized by complex non-standard documents, many with unfortunate errors.


Our production staff is required to understand the types of documents, their meaning, and how they relate to each other.  With this understanding, they are required to analyze the documents rigorously and with high accuracy.  Once the analysis is completed they are required to place the results of their analysis into standardized electronic formats so that the results and the underlying documents can be efficiently retrieved and an underwriting decision can be made.

All this must be done accurately and reliably every day, and with variable workloads.  A breakdown in any of these many finely ground steps can result in a substantial claim – real estate is not cheap, and if you’re underwriting the ownership of real estate, claims can be high.

A competent outsourcing supplier to the title industry demands a work force with specialized skills and intense training.  Over the last 36 years, HDEP has built the methods and training tools to meet the needs of the industry.

To learn more about our methods and how we have helped our customer’s succeed, see our blog titled, How We Help Our Customers Succeed with Title Insurance Outsourcing.

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