How We Help Our Customers Succeed with Title Insurance Outsourcing

At HDEP, it is not the skill and the training of our staff that sets us apart – it is the attitude to work that we have instilled in our staff, and what they have produced as a result that sets us apart.

Our staff understands they are often the only eyes that will see every document and make every decision, and that – in large part – the quality of the final product depends on their efforts.  They understand that the complexity of the documents results in “anomalies” – errors or local conditions that may cause a particular document to be dealt with differently than other documents of the same type.  They know that the customer must be alerted to these oddities, and that the final decision is to be made by a customer’s senior examiner who would have a better idea of the specific local condition.

Everyday, our teams alert customers about unusual conditions. But, that is only part of the story.

We have close working relationships with our customers, so that we know the final disposition of the unusual condition. Was it an error in the way the document was drawn up?  Was there something long ago in the history of that county that affected the specific parcel?  Is there something unusual in the title insurance practices, or the county recorder’s practice in that county which caused the alert?  Whatever the final result, we ask our customer to let us know, completing the feedback loop.

With its completion, the team’s familiarity with the county and its practices is enhanced, and we won’t need to ask again the next time that anomaly shows up.

Our customers, too, benefit by remaining close to their work products. They remain involved, and because they are researching parts of their documents everyday, there is a certain comfort in knowing that their work is being done correctly.

As one of our customers recently stated:

“I greatly appreciate how you and your crew not only provide a high quality output but you also notify when something is wrong.  There are so many people in the world today that know something is wrong but push it through to the next step regardless.  You and your people are rare!  There are many times I was so happy your indexers spoke up and said something. . . You run a great group and a wonderful business; I don’t think anyone can ask for a better partner.”

We strive to excel and we strive to keep our customers’ interests uppermost in our minds.  We believe that over time, excellence will drive not only the growth of our company but the growth of our customers’ business as well.

To learn more about how we can help, please feel free to contact us.

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