Final Policies accumulating? A simple solution.

You have seen it time and time again – you close the deal, file your documents and transfer the deeds.  Now onto new business, though there is a nagging tone of unfinished business. Preparing the final policy and transferring the underwriter fee – it’s no more than an hour of your time . . .  […]

Final Policies Made Easy – Benefits of working with HDEP

It is easy to outsource your final policies to HDEP and have that work handled for you worry-free. Save staff time, save money, and eliminate the final policy production headache in four easy steps: 1. Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement.2. Demonstrate current procedures for final policy preparation by screen sharing.3. Set up access to client […]

Final Policies Deadlines: Meeting ALTA’s Best Practices Pillar #5

ALTA’s Best Practices Pillar #5 requires title agencies to complete and submit final policies to the underwriter within 45 days after the close of the transaction. Many title agencies are actively considering options to meet this best practices requirement. In general, once a transaction has closed, the process goes something like this… ·         A title […]

Final Policies in the Title Insurance Industry

The economist Hernando De Soto’s book “The Mystery of Capital” notes that the ownership of property with clear title is the single differentiating factor in economic development: advanced, wealthy countries have mechanisms to deed property with clear title; poorer countries often do not. Here is an outline of how the title insurance process works in […]

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