Final Policies Made Easy – Benefits of working with HDEP

It is easy to outsource your final policies to HDEP and have that work handled for you worry-free.

Save staff time, save money, and eliminate the final policy production headache in four easy steps:

1. Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement.
2. Demonstrate current procedures for final policy preparation by screen sharing.
3. Set up access to client system for HDEP; run test orders; review and refine.
4. Test orders are done; when confirmed to be correct, daily production begins.

The other benefits of working with HDEP:

ResWare, RamQuest, AIM, Streamline, SoftPro, others – doesn’t matter

We stay current with the systems our customers use. With our extensive and varied experience, we can quickly pick up the procedures for custom systems.

Off-the-ground quickly

Our clients want to focus on closing business, so we make it easy to get started working with us.  The setup, testing, and tweaking can take as little as 2-3 weeks and then production work can begin.

No travel costs

We work closely with our clients using online collaboration tools. Once the project is in production, we work in the background, while maintaining close communication with your staff.

You get a single point of contact

Every customer is assigned an HDEP manager and backup, for a single point of contact with your staff.

Typical results provide 50% cost-savings

Many of our customers save 50% of in-house costs, while relieving your highest value staff of routine tasks.

Our clients often begin testing us with us with a few final policies, and subsequently add commitments and other title production reports.

Start closing more business by outsourcing your busy work today.

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