4 Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Title Production

Here are 4 reasons to consider outsourcing title production:

1. Your volume is increasing.

You’ve finally signed the contract with the largest real estate company in your city and are contracted to complete 10-30 more orders per day than you are handling today. You know your staff is going to be stretched, and you’re going to have to hire and train extra people to fulfill the obligation of the contract. This is a good time to consider outsourcing part of your production to an expert outsourcing company, so that you can fulfill your agreements and lower your company’s overall production cost.

2. You are being pressured on price.

The vendor manager who has been trying out your services for the past six months informs you that they’d like to send all their refi work to your company, but – you need to sharpen your pencil on price. You know that the only reason you have earned the confidence of the vendor manager is due to the quality of your work product and the service you have provided. Working with an expert outsourcing company, you can meet the lower price, continue to provide the same prompt efficient service, and know that accuracy is the same as your own staff can produce.

3. Your market is variable.

If you are in a market with daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal order variability (e.g. you are in a resort area where time shares sales zoom up in the winter, but order volumes are lower in the summer), outsourcing could be an efficient solution. This would work in situations where the cyclical nature of the order volume is somewhat predictable.

4. Your company is moving into a new county, or an adjacent county.

When expanding into a new county, you are starting from scratch and do not have a fixed staff in your new location. If you have a customer who will supply a steady stream of orders, and an electronic title plant in place, you can use an expert outsourcing company to give you the ability to start right up without needing to hire an entirely new staff.

If these reasons apply to your business, it is time to look into outsourcing. With an outsourcing company like HDEP, you can increase your capacity and grow your business without having to sacrifice accuracy, service levels and your hard earned reputation in the community. If you have any questions or would like more
information, please contact us.

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