The Importance of Escrow Accuracy in Title Insurance

Buying or selling a home is not one without its challenges.  Escrow is there to assure all parties that the transaction will be completed in a way that fulfills all legal obligations necessary and is also done in a timely manner.

The key to a successful closing is the accuracy and completeness of information entered into specialized escrow software that manages the escrow process.  The information in the system will be used to populate many of the forms used during escrow and is derived from the Purchase Contract and/or Lender’s Instructions (if the transaction is financed).  It is crucial that everyone involved in the escrow process understands the content contained in these documents and knows what each document represents. At HDEP, our team understands the importance of entering correct information and the impact it could have on the transaction.

Laws and regulations have placed more restrictions and requirements on real estate closings as a result of the mortgage crisis.  When closing a real estate transaction, the escrow agent owes a fiduciary duty to all parties of an escrow agreement – seller, buyer/borrower and lender.  The competition for business is vast, and outsourcing has allowed the escrow agent the flexibility to better serve all parties and focus their attention in meeting the demands placed upon the industry to ensure compliance.

HDEP International has the knowledge and experience to assist your company in the escrow process.  Our support will enable you, the escrow provider, to focus on your core functions and attend to your customer needs.

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