Final Policies accumulating? A simple solution.

You have seen it time and time again – you close the deal, file your documents and transfer the deeds.  Now onto new business, though there is a nagging tone of unfinished business. Preparing the final policy and transferring the underwriter fee – it’s no more than an hour of your time . . .  […]

What Makes A Good Title Plant Indexer?

Indexing a title plant is thought to be a data entry task – the information to be indexed is found on an analog document (scanned image, microfilm, paper) and then, using a keyboard, the information is entered into a computer – becoming data. That’s the technical definition of data entry. But it is so much […]

The Coming Skilled Labor Shortage. It begins….

We’ve previously talked about the emerging skilled labor shortage in the United States and elsewhere.  Our recent contacts with customers confirm that the skilled labor shortage is already here, a reality for many companies in the title insurance industry. People will choose jobs that are most fulfilling to them; wages will rise, benefits will increase; […]

HDEP International Production Facilities Achieve Highest International Information Security Certification

HDEP International is proud to announce that its outsourcing facilities in Manila, Philippines have been awarded the ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security and business continuity. The ISO 27001 certification is the most coveted international information security certification and requires a rigorous review and implementation of all policies and procedures at a company. We believe […]

Two Stores on an Island: Details Matter

Most days I eat at a busy shopping center food court that is located in a tourist area.  Among the franchise and other vendors at the food court are two independent sandwich shops. One of those sandwich shops has earned my loyalty. One day at lunch, I noticed that “my” sandwich shop was busy with […]

Painting the Dog’s House – A Tale About Going the Extra Mile

Some years ago, a group of friends chartered a large catamaran to sail the outer islands of Tahiti (Raiatea, Taha’a, Bora Bora and Huahine). It was the trip of a lifetime for each of us, a dream we had held close. Sailing is sometimes different from the pink hued imagining of dreamers, and our cruise […]

Final Policies in the Title Insurance Industry

The economist Hernando De Soto’s book “The Mystery of Capital” notes that the ownership of property with clear title is the single differentiating factor in economic development: advanced, wealthy countries have mechanisms to deed property with clear title; poorer countries often do not. Here is an outline of how the title insurance process works in […]

Market Share Reports in Title Insurance

Market share reports are created by extracting specific information from recorded documents. While the exact information a report contains varies by requestor, most title market share reports contain: data about the number and type of recordings in the county data about recordings by title company and by lender data about the dollar value of transactions each […]

How We Help Our Customers Succeed with Title Insurance Outsourcing

At HDEP, it is not the skill and the training of our staff that sets us apart – it is the attitude to work that we have instilled in our staff, and what they have produced as a result that sets us apart. Our staff understands they are often the only eyes that will see […]

Complexity of Work in the Title Insurance Industry

HDEP International has worked as a trusted outsourcing associate with the land title industry for over 25 years.  We have become intimately familiar with the complexity of the tasks and the liability that accompanies failure. All industries have complex tasks that need to be accomplished by entry level staff.  Most industries are able to systematize […]

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