Final Policies accumulating? A simple solution.

You have seen it time and time again – you close the deal, file your documents and transfer the deeds.  Now onto new business, though there is a nagging tone of unfinished business. Preparing the final policy and transferring the underwriter fee – it’s no more than an hour of your time . . .  […]

What Makes A Good Title Plant Indexer?

Indexing a title plant is thought to be a data entry task – the information to be indexed is found on an analog document (scanned image, microfilm, paper) and then, using a keyboard, the information is entered into a computer – becoming data. That’s the technical definition of data entry. But it is so much […]

The Coming Skilled Labor Shortage. It begins….

We’ve previously talked about the emerging skilled labor shortage in the United States and elsewhere.  Our recent contacts with customers confirm that the skilled labor shortage is already here, a reality for many companies in the title insurance industry. People will choose jobs that are most fulfilling to them; wages will rise, benefits will increase; […]

Title and Title Plant Errors Whitepaper

Title indexing errors, quality control slippage, fraud and lack of transparency all affect the reliability of property records and can result in title claims. Download the whitepaper to learn more about the most common errors that result in claims and the errors generally detected and resolved by title companies. Both accuracy and judgement are crucial […]

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